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Soap & Candle Recipes
How to make lye soap: 
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Basic Soaps
Simple soaps in which the quantities of fats and oils are adjusted to produce varying degrees of texture, mildness and lathering. Additional ingredients are not necessary for saponification but can be included. This is usually only done if you do not intend to mill the soap later.
Essential Oils
Oils distilled directly from plant materials. Choose based on desired effect for aromatherapy and skin care properties.
Fragrance Oils
Synthetically produced oils that attempt to duplicate the scent of essential oils. Although they may have good aromatherapy qualities, they do not contain the other properties derived from the actual plants.
Hand-Milled Soaps
Soaps made by grating basic soaps and remelting them with water. Additional ingredients are usually added during this process. These soaps allow for a greater variety and provide an opportunity for using fancy molds.

A cooking process during which impurities in animal fats are removed to produce tallow-a pure fat suitable for making soap. Tallow can be bought to avoid this step.
The process by which soap is formed. This occurs when fats and/or oils are combined with lye.
The aging process soap must go through to dry over a period of two to three weeks.